Welcome to Healesville Primary School

Our Vision

At Healesville Primary School we inspire all students to be curious, creative and engaged lifelong learners. We develop resilient, confident and respectful students who have the necessary skills to be a valuable member of their community.

Together We Make A Difference

Tracey Robertson-Smith

Thank you for taking the time to view our school website and find out more about the learning community of Healesville Primary School. We strive to help parents create inquisitive, self-motivated, and reflective young people who have well-developed skills in literacy, numeracy and interpersonal awareness.  Seizing opportunities takes courage, in yourself and your abilities, and our work with students and families helps instil this courage and confidence

Explore our website and see the ways we work and the opportunities that we provide our students and community in pursuit of offering a connection for every student.

Here at Healesville Primary, we are extremely lucky to have amazing grounds for our students to enjoy. Beautiful art murals are surrounding our buildings. We have outdoor learning spaces with magnificent views of the mountains. Our classrooms are alive with colour and fantastic examples of student work