Grades 1 and 2

Meet our Grade 1 and 2 Teachers

1/2 Program

In Years 1 & 2  the children are on their way to becoming independent learners.They continue to consolidate and extend their skills and knowledge in each of the Key Learning Areas:  English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Health and Physical Education, The Arts and The Humanities.

Our teaching and learning is centred around the gradual release of responsibility model. Which always begins with a mini-lesson (I do), then scaffolded/supported learning (We do) to help students feel confident with new skills and finally students independently practice new skills (you do).

HPS Teaching and learning model jpeg

We use the Reader’s Workshop model for our reading with the focus that ‘reading is thinking’. Students are encouraged to become confident and curious readers by being supported to develop a wide variety of skills. They also learn to demonstrate their thinking and learning with the use of a reader’s notebook.

Similar to reading we also use the Writer’s Workshop model where we encourage students to be creative with their writing and through the use of their Writer’s Notebook they are able to develop their ideas. Students thoroughly enjoy their writing time where they can explore various genres including; narratives, poems, recounts, information texts and persuasive texts.

In both year 1 and 2 we continue to implement the Jolly Phonics program introducing students to new and more complex spelling patterns.

Mathematics is taught using a variety of concrete materials and hands-on activities, which develop the children's numeracy strategies. Pre assessments are used to ascertain each child’s ability and point of need.

1/2 Inquiry Units

In Grade 1 /2 we continue to develop our understanding of the world around us. We explore science; building our knowledge of the earth, living things and forces and building our skills of asking questions and inquiring.  We develop our technology skills, design and digital with lots of hands-on activities.

We participate in junior school sports day, cross country run and swimming. 

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