Prep Transition

2022 Prep Transition – Preparing for School Video

Dear Prep families of 2022,

Mrs Borg and Miss Horsley have recorded an information session for you to watch about School Readiness and Preparing for School.

In the video, they cover what you can be doing at home to help get your child ready for Prep, as well as provide information about where to purchase school uniforms, how to use the ClassDojo App and future transition dates.

If you have any further questions after watching the video, please get in touch with us at: or call the school on 03 5962 4053

To watch the video please follow this link:

Kinds Regards,

Sharyn Borg and Georgia Horsley

Meet the Prep Teachers for 2022

Welcome Prep families of 2022!
Mrs Borg and Miss Horsley have recorded a video for you to welcome you to Healesville Primary School and introduce themselves.

Today we will be reading a story together and then go for a "Virtual Tour" around the school and have a look in some of the classrooms.
To watch the video please follow this link:

We look forward to meeting you all in person very soon.
Kind Regards,
Sharyn Borg and Georgia Horsley

Prep Transition 

The transition to primary school from a home and kinder environment can be a bit daunting to some children.

To make the transition easier, Healesville Primary School offers:

  • "Bridges to Prep" transition activities specially targeted for the needs of students coming into Prep. Dates and details of transition activities are listed below or can be obtained from the school office 
  • Buddies Program

Bridges to Prep

Our Bridges to Prep program is a key part of our transition into school life. It is very important that each child’s introduction into school is an enjoyable and positive experience. We do this by easing them in gently to the new environment, and by allowing them to familiarise themselves with our staff and different classrooms and their new surroundings. We encourage them to make a friend, so that they will have a familiar face when the new school year begins. Through the Bridges program, children experience a variety of activities such as Literacy and Numeracy, Music, Physical Education and Art.

Primary School Transition Parent Information Pack

This information pack focuses on enrolling in a government primary school.

Click here to download the Transition to School Pack

Click here to download the HPS Prep Enrolment Form

Letter of Acceptance

If you are considering enrolling your child at Healesville Primary School, please call us on (03) 59624053

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