The Reader’s Workshop

At Healesville Primary School, the students participate in the Reader’s Workshop. They are immersed in reading and the love of books and spend a significant part of their literacy block practising Independent Reading. The time spent reading is done with texts that are a ‘Good Fit’ for each student.

Explicit teaching of reading strategies and skills followed by meaningful tasks are at the heart of what we believe readers need. There is also time for readers to engage in authentic talk about their books.

Reading assessment is used to guide the teacher’s instruction so that they can help their readers grow.

At the heart of it all, teachers at Healesville Primary School aim to meet the needs of every one of their students.

The Writer’s Workshop

Our Writer’s Workshop offers students the chance to develop their skills as writer’s through individual interest and choice. They each have their own Writer’s Notebook where they can record their ideas, passions and interests as seeds from which to write more substantial pieces.

Teachers move students along the developmental scale of writing by frequently conferring one-on-one with students and developing learning goals. Guided writing groups are also common practice at Healesville Primary School, where students can build on the ideas of their peers and co-construct writing together. Receiving feedback is fundamental to students becoming independent writers.

With explicit teaching of the Writing Process as well as well researched writing strategies, the students at Healesville Primary School are well on their way to becoming lifelong writer’s.