Remote Learning

Welcome to our Remote Learning page. Here you will find everything related to remote learning at Healesville Primary school. You can see some of the amazing work that our students have been doing through remote learning both at home and at school.

We asked some of our students how they are feeling about remote learning...

I have liked being able to get my own work done in my own time 

so that I can finish all my work instead of coming back to some of
it the next day.

My parents let me do my work independently and help whenever I
need it. But I still prefer face to face learning.

The time frame is more relaxed, working in groups isn’t an option and asking for help from a teacher is harder, but I think the teachers have done a great job sending us work that we can do at home. 

Evelyn,  Grade 5

 I can change the order of the work to be done to suit me. I can make myself a warm lunch and get a snack when I’m hungry. If I get my work completed early I can talk to my friends online and play games. 
She helps me keep beat when I am practising the guitar and keeps me on task. She helps me come up with ideas when I’m stuck in poetry. 
I miss running around with my friends playing tag and being able to work in a group. I was really looking forward to Captains Day and had already planned what to do. At home we have been taming magpies to come to our back door for food. I like to hear them sing.

Jacob, Grade 6