What Our Healesville Family Says...

A testimonial from one of our parents.

"The Principal and teachers are amazing! They encourage, challenge and embrace all of the students. The school is a community and it is one I'm glad to be a part of. "

"The school learning experience at Healesville Primary has been fantastic. As preps they start by learning Jolly Phonics which is a fun approach to teaching Literacy. It's a very motivating method for children. Children are always treated as a team and to embrace learning together. "

"My daughter has embraced the school and her learning experience. There is full support from teachers, they challenge her where necessary and see vision in her growth. "

"What really drew my family to Healesville Primary School was] the size of the grounds, the extensive facilities and buildings and the teaching resources and family friendly environment."

"On our School tour we got an immediate feeling of friendliness, community and a great sense of comfort."

"The learning experience at Healesville is supportive and accommodating to individual student needs."

"We have had a number of positive experiences at Healesville including: Mother's Day and Father's Day with the Principal cooking us breakfast, meeting exceptionally friendly people and our children love going to school."

Thank you to our wonderful HPS families!

Cindy McLeish MP asked students and parents to nominate a teacher who they thought went above and beyond during remote learning. She was inundated with great responses and enjoyed reading over all the comments. Cindy wanted to share with HPS the comments teachers received. 

Georgia Horsley - Very supportive and understanding during covid but also understanding of a split family and supporting both.

Georgia Horsley - Georgia goes above and beyond to help her students and parents! My daughter has a severe speech delay and Georgia has gone out of her way to make prep so easy and fun. Adding extra time to create charts to help my daughter communicate with the class. She made home-schooling such an enjoyable experience with all her help and amazing online classroom.

Marlene Williams - She goes above and beyond, always showing up at students shows/performances, orientations, always fully supporting the whole grade 6 students not just her class

Marlene Williams -Pushes every child to do their absolute best!

Meagan Bult - Miss Bult is the kindest, most inspiring & patient teacher I have ever meet. There would not be a student past or present that didn’t value the years spent under her guidance. She goes above and beyond the requirements of a teacher & makes sure everyone in her class feels safe & included.

Meagan Bult -The children adore her. She is an extraordinary teacher, devoted to her children and the children flourish from being a part of her class. Both my children have had the privilege of being taught by her and they will grow up to be better people because of her.

Meagan Bult - I have a special needs child and she spends her home time working on ways to teach and engage him better each and everyday and she loves him like he was her own.

Sharon Gellert - Mrs Gellert went out of her way to drop all work off to students and always keeps parents well informed

Sharyn Borg - Mrs Borg is the most amazing teacher anyone could ask for, he has gone above and beyond all limits due to covid 19, she has made sure her kids had the most fun and smooth process from making the video chats daily and fun with themes and treasure hunts too sending out little gifts for the children. Not to mention the massive support for us parents. Such a good teacher

Sharyn Borg -Sharyn's resilient, forward thinking, empathetic, generous. There is nothing she would not do for her students. She understands all students are different. She takes the time to listen to each and every child.