Grades 5 and 6

Meet our 5/6 Teachers

5/ 6 Leadership Program at HPS

The leadership program at Healesville Primary School involves many facets. We have a senior school building with Years 5 and 6 students working together. The Yr.6 students have leadership roles such as School Captain and House Captain. School Captains and House Captains run the school assemblies. School Captains represent Healesville Primary School at Lion’s Club Meetings, Anzac Day ceremonies, assist with school tours and welcoming and thanking various visitors.

The House Captains are involved in organising and running the swimming and athletic sports days. The captains act as role models throughout the school and are recognised in the playground wearing their captain polo shirts and younger students know they can go to these students for help.

All Yr.6 students are involved in regular leadership training, attending the GRIP Leadership Conference at the Melbourne Convention Centre as well as regular lessons and activities on leadership throughout the school year. The leadership program gives students confidence, initiative, integrity, communication skills, empathy and resilience to put into practise at school as well as take with them in their future life.

The Yr.6 students also visit local kindergartens and child care centres to teach the children and assist with their transition to primary school. They also plan, organise and run Captains’ Day which is a fete day to raise money for the school as well as their chosen charity.

The Yr.5 students are involved in the Buddies program where they do activities and act as role models to the younger students in Prep.

All classes in the school have two Junior School Council representatives. These representatives attend regular meetings where improvements to the school are discussed, planned and implemented giving student voice to decisions being made within the school.

 5/6 Inquiry Units of Study

Over a 2 year cycle the Yr.5/6 students engage in many inquiry units of study. With some of these units, students will present and engage others in their learning through various ‘Expos’. Also throughout the year, there will be other activities for interest to have students think critically and engage in such as cooking and an Egg Drop Eggsperiment.

Topics covered in our Inquiry Units of Study:

Physical Sciences - Light from a source can form shadows and can be absorbed, reflected, and refracted.  Electricity is a form of energy.

Chemical Sciences - Solids, Liquids, and Gases are different and can change.

Biological Sciences - How do living things survive in their environment?

Earth and Space Sciences - Earth is part of a system of planets orbiting around a star (the Sun). Sudden geological changes or extreme weather conditions can affect the Earth’s surface.

History Pre-1901 & Post -1901, Civics & Citizenship - People and events in Australian history helped shape our society today.

Geography - We have a connection to our community, country and the world.

Economics and Business - How do people survive economically in our society? Earn & Learn Unit of Work.

 5/6 Camp Program 

The Yr.5/6 have a camp program where they go to alternate camps in odd and even years. Coonawarra is an outdoor adventure camp with activities such as canoeing, high ropes course, rafting, horse riding, flying fox, archery, etc. This year we’ve introduced the Anglesea camp in November to give students a different experience with activities of surfing, bodyboarding, and beach activities. In both camps, students are presented with activities that are challenging and develop personal and social growth.

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